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School District: Don't Take Kids to Work This Week

Despite "Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day" being this week, a school district in Pennsylvania is telling parents to keep their kids in school instead to avoid interference with standardized testing.

District's Home School Program Serves as Alternative Route to Education

A California school district is providing families with an alternative route to traditional education by offering a program that facilitates home schooling.

Benefits of After School Programs in Question as Federal Funding Discussed

As the federal government sets to reauthorize the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA), experts debate the benefits of funding after school programs.

Opinion: Healthier School Lunches Benefit Country as a Whole

Retired general Samuel E. Ebbeson uses his unique perspective to urge schools to not back off from developing healthier lunches that tackle the growing trend of childhood obesity.

30 Favorite Questions for Future Teachers

Principals share their favorite teacher interview questions, getting to the heart of applicants' skills and passion.

Educator's Letter Calls Common Core Standards Limiting

The fifth and most recent letter in a series between two award-winning principals on both sides of the common core debate shows one educator's passionate disagreement with the Common Core State Standards.

Testing Update: Idaho Reports Few Opt-Outs of ISAT

When the district of Madison pulled 5,200 of its students out of the Iowa's state-administered exam, the state wondered if the potential to not meet the 95 percent threshold would jeopardize $11.6 million of its federal funding. So far, districts across Idaho have otherwise reported few opt-outs, according to the CDA Press.