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Unbelievable School Decisions: Student Cage Match

A Texas school pitted students against each other in cage fights.

Safety Training: One District's Journey

An Ohio district has experienced increases in staff preparedness and student safety, thanks to a high-quality training initiative.

Teachers Observing Teachers: Spark New Ideas

This principal worked with university professors to implement peer walk-throughs, changing the way teachers teach.

ADHD: Closing the Achievement Gap

Hear from experts how ADHD is impacting the achievement gap, and read about best practices for treating the condition.

Favorite Podcasts for Administrators

We've combed the Internet to find the cream of the admin-specific podcast crop.

Preventing Violence and Risk Behavior

School violence prevention expert Franklin Schargel explains what schools should be doing to address the root causes of youth problem behaviors.

Beyond Icebreakers: Building Student Connectedness

Students need to form bonds not only with their classmates, but with the school at large. Those who do show higher achievement.