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District Behind Successful One-to-One Laptop Initiative Reveals Tips

Administrators from the Savannah-Chatham County Schools in Georgia are sharing lessons they learned from from the positive outcomes of making a successful one-to-one laptop initiative in their schools via

Community Warns Against Ignoring Music Education for Test Scores

In Michigan's New Haven Community Schools, most thought music education was part of its past as core academic programs took financial priority over what was considered the "luxury" study of music.

Arne Duncan Stresses the Importance of Education Investments

In the latest U.S. Department of Education blog post, Secretary of Education Arne Duncan highlights why investments in academic programs, teachers and technology among other educational necessities are important to each child’s interest.

Librarians Seek More Makerspaces to Address Student Needs

Makerspaces, one of the biggest growing trends in education technology use, are community areas where resources and technology are provided for students to collaborate and work on projects, typically related to the sciences. Many schools and communities have found that maker spaces work best when put in the school library, and many school librarians are pushing to get makerspaces in theirs.

Partnership with Publishing Company to Give Schools Thousands of eBooks

K-12 company Follett Learning is partnering with HarperCollins publishers to provide a collection of 18K ebooks to preK to Grade 12 students nationwide.

Can Computer Tools That Grade Student Essays Replace Teachers?

Can a computer program stand in for a teacher when it comes to reading and grading student writing assessments? The District Administration looks into the benefits and disadvantages of using an online assessment tool to grade student essays in place of or as a supplement to teacher grading.

Opinion: A Competitive U.S. Can’t Leave Art Behind

As STEM learning is emphasized lately, some educators are questioning if other enriching subjects that spur creativity and innovation are getting ignored.