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We're looking for a few good principals!

Education World's Principal Files articles focus on the important and practical elements of the school administrator's job. Our P-Files contributors include school principals from around the world who voluntarily share their ideas about issues that all school leaders face.

Would you like to add your name to the group of principals who are willing to respond to an occasional e-mail?


From time to time in the months ahead, I might send you an e-mail message inviting you to respond to a question that will require no more than a few sentences in response.

Examples include:

  • Does your school have a written school bus discipline policy? Yes or no?
  • How many times each year are your students given standardized state or national tests? At what grade levels are those given?
  • What is the one factor you consider most important in hiring a new teacher?
  • What was the biggest challenge you faced on the job today?

If you are contacted, there is no obligation to respond. You'll still be on the list and you'll probably receive another question from me in a month or two. That question might be one to which you choose to respond.

What will I do with your responses? Sometimes I'll be looking for data only and won't give you any written credit for your response. Other times I may quote your reply as part of an Education World story. (You'll always know in advance if you will be quoted in a story.)


  • Please send an e-mail to
  • In the SUBJECT line, type WILLING PRINCIPAL.
  • In the body of the e-mail, please provide ONLY the following information:
    Your Full Name
    Your School Name
    City, State of School
    Grade Levels in School

Thanking you in advance,

Jason Cunningham
Education World Social Media Editor


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