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July 2001

Periodic Table ADventure

This site was created to "introduce and explore basic chemistry concepts and to practice these concepts using engaging web-based research and activities."
This is a simple site with well-placed graphics. The color scheme and text layout work very well.
This well-organized site links to all the sections listed from the main page. Each internal page has a link back to the home page.
The periodic table is not usually a very exciting lesson for chemistry teachers to teach. But this teacher has given it a new twist. The Periodic Table ADventure includes lessons on the History of the Periodic Table; Inside an Atom; How to Read the Periodic Table; Metals, Nonmetals & Metalloids; and Element ADventure WebQuest. These lessons provide creative writing assignments, interactive quizzes, and games to reinforce the learning. In the WebQuest, students choose an element from the periodic table, research it, and create an advertisement that "sells" it. The Teachers' Corner provides a detailed unit plan and daily lesson plans that include correlations to science standards and assessment strategies.