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May 2001

The Skyscraper Page

The Skyscraper Page provides information and pictures of skyscrapers from around the world.
The site has a lot of information on the page and uses colored text to mark each entry. Some of the images take a while to load, and the site contains ads.
Visitors will find a left-side content menu and links interspersed with the text on the main page.
Skyscrapers hold a fascination for kids that could provide the basis for a thematic unit. Students can use the site to view the skylines of different cities and learn some basic information about the buildings. Cross-curricular lessons could include geography (locating the skyscrapers on a map), art (drawing the skyline of their own city), and math (graphing the heights). Offerings at the site include the Skyscraper Forum, an e-mail discussion list; Skyline Photos; and Photo Pages, the Amateur High-Rise Photography Page, where visitors can view and submit skyscraper photos.