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 This is one in a series of site reviews that take a look at how major news Web sites can be used in the classroom. See also reviews of,,,, and

Content: has extensive content through both its editorial staff and its extensive content partnerships. The site offers an extensive news report across all the traditional news areas. It also has a large amount of lifestyle content, some produced by partners and some by in-house staff.

Design:  A very simple site, features horizontal main navigation on two levels, with the top row of buttons leading to the major sections like “news” or “sports.” The “above-the-fold” section of the site features a scroller filled with major stories. The scroller offers a mix of news, sports, entertainment and lifestyle content. Editors’ picks sit below that, followed by tab-based content boxes for the major content areas.

Review:  The only drawback to for your students is that like, this is not a pure news site. will therefore expose kids to non-news content. Otherwise, has easy-to-use navigation and offers a very comprehensive news report from credible sources.

Bottom Line:  MSN has a clean, simple look and feel and would make a fine choice for use in the classroom or for home-based research projects. The site does not aggregate stories from questionable sources like Google News, so you know your students will be reading the work of a real reporter, not a blogger or someone who hasn’t done actual reporting.


Article by Daniel B. Kline, EducationWorld Contributing Editor
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