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Eight Ideas to Triumph With Edtech No Matter What Your District Offers

A technology expert from Texas provides eight innovative ideas for the tech-strapped teacher. The first idea is "making do with what we have [and possibly spending a couple bucks]."

Students Explore Space With EarthKAM

Middle school students from around the world were recently given the opportunity to take photos of Earth from the International Space Station with program, Sally Ride EarthKAM.

Education World STEM News Roundup

Education World rounds up the top news in STEM education initiatives this week. From programs to projects and conferences to awards, STEM education is seeing progress by addressing gender stereotypes, the prime age to garner student interest, and the innovative and fascinating hands-on, real-world projects that get students inspired.

Controversial App for High School Students Banned from Apple Store

A social networking app for high school students, called After School, has been removed from Apple’s App Store for the second time in a week.

Teachers, Parents Share Three Ways to Teach Cell Phone Etiquette

The "stoplight" approach is one way to provide guidelines for student cell phone use.

NYT's Lesson Plan Teaches Students About Cybersecurity

This lesson plan provided by The New York Times teaches students about cyberattacks and the importance of cybersecurity.

UCSC Duo Designs Children's Speech Therapy Video Games

Two researches at UC Santa Cruz have developed a new animated video game, Speech With Sam, for children who need help with their speech.