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App Review: Codecademy Code Hour (iPad/iPhone)

Codecademy: Code Hour promises a way for students to learn the basic coding skills. Students can use their iPad or iPhone and learn how those devices work as well as create code that they can use on websites of their own or in class projects.

Test Cyber Attack Shows Potential Security Dangers for All Online Tests

The world of education technology has also become a target for cyber attacks, which raises the question as to whether or not students are safe while completing tasks online.

STEM News Roundup: Choosing STEM Summer Camps

The summer is rapidly approaching, and thinking over options for how your child spends summer is important. Lately, school districts across the country have been sponsoring STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) summer camps as an option to get students learning about and interested in STEM fields. Check out some examples below as you get started looking for options in your area.

Template Helps Integrate Technology in the Classroom

A team at the Prairie Lakes Area Education Agency in Iowa has designed a template of questions intended to better help teachers throughout the country integrate technology in their classroom.

Technology Coach Discusses How to Get Teachers Open to New EdTech

According to educator and blogger John Spencer, from his experience as a technology coach, teachers tend to move through several stages as they integrate new technology. He urges fellow technology coaches to emphasize training that considers these stages.

High School Student in Pursuit of STEM Studies Earns Eight Degrees Before Graduating

A hard-working high school student in Richardson, Texas is set to graduate his high school with eight associate degrees and will receive gubernatorial honors for doing so as he moves on to further pursue his goals in the field of engineering.

Guide to Using Google Docs in the Classroom

Google Docs is one of the most utilized technology tools for supplementing instruction in the classroom. Here are some examples of the best ways to make your life easier using Google Docs from excerpts pulled directly from a Google presentation on the "32 Best Ways to Use Google in the Classroom."