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Video Roundup: Major Artists

In order to help teach about the lives and famous works of these artists, EducationWorld has curated the following collection of videos. In addition to a description of each video, we include a suggested grade level and note its capacity for student engagement, or "cool factor".

Five Study Aid Apps for Students

Make sure students are aware of all the innovative and helpful apps that they can download on their smartphones and tablets. There are hundreds of educational apps out there for every subject; from mathematics to languages, students can be prepared for whatever the classroom throws at them.

Site Review: SwopBoard

SwopBoard is an online marketplace where users can buy and sell items in local, trusted communities while giving back to local schools.

Video Roundups: Thanksgiving

EducationWorld has assembled a video-roundup of Thanksgiving videos teachers can use in the classroom. In addition to a description to each video, we include a suggested grade level and "cool factor", or level of engagement.

Lesson on Vampires (Fact or Fiction?)

This creative lesson incorporates a fun Halloween theme while improving math, problem solving and group skills.

Creepy Creatures: Parasites and Adaptation

These horrifying--yet fascinating--creatures help grade 8-12 students understand adaptive behaviors and key concepts of evolution.

Video Roundup: Halloween Movies For Students

October is the perfect time to show videos that are a little spooky. EducationWorld has curated a list of videos and saved you time by recommended grade levels and providing descriptions of each selection.