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Site Review: Museum of Science & Industry 

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Content:  The official Web site for Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry, this site offers a variety of free resources for educators to use in and out of the classroom. The museum’s activities, videos, games and apps cover nearly every subject within the realm of science.

Design:  The site is very easy to navigate, and exploring its collection of educator resources is simple. A slideshow on the homepage features images depicting the museum’s advanced aesthetic, cool installation features and tantalizing exhibits. 

museum of science and industry

Activities, videos, games and apps appear within the Online Science section of the site. While there isn’t a vast amount of material here, it’s all top-notch in terms of quality. Activities for the classroom include “How To” resources (these are complemented by instructional photos) along with text-only lessons. 

Beyond what’s featured in the Online Science section, content of use to teachers includes information on current exhibits, learning labs, live science experiences and teacher courses.

Review: Designed to showcase the Museum of Science and Industry’s educational value, this site also provides some fantastic resources for teachers and fun stuff for students, such as the Would You Eat That? game. Educators also can find value in detailed descriptions of the museum’s exhibits, which are sometimes directly related to particular resources. While far from the real thing, the photos, scientific facts and tour descriptions help capture some facets of the in-person museum experience.

Bottom Line:  Educators who teach chemistry, biology, health, physics, social studies, geology or another subject related to people and their environments should definitely visit this site. The educational materials here are among some of the most impressive on the Internet.

Article by Jason Cunningham, EducationWorld Social Media Editor
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