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Content:  Educators and students can use to create and share infographics online. The site offers various themes, backgrounds, objects and shapes for users to drag onto their canvases to create infographics. Users can start fresh or build infographics off of templates.

Design:  As a Web-based tool, it’s a little clunky to navigate. It doesn’t take too much time to figure out the basics, however. A toolbar at the top allows users to drag and drop objects (animals, people, food, landmarks, maps), choose backgrounds and shapes, and insert text.

Review:  The site is still in beta mode, even though it debuted in 2012. But it delivers on its promise of being easy to use. And the price—free, at least currently—is right.

Bottom Line: is a straightforward tool that students and teachers can use to create great-looking infographics.


Article by Ted Glanzer, EducationWorld Contributor
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