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Celebrate Geography Awareness Week

A World of Geography


To help you celebrate Geography Awareness Week, Education World editors have gathered lessons and articles from the Education World archive. The result is a world of resources that will allow you to celebrate Geography Awareness Week all year long! Included: Links to dozens of geography resources!




Five Times Five: Five Activities for Teaching Geography's Five Themes
Looking for activities to teach the five themes of geography? We've got 25 of them for you! Included: Activities for students at every level!

Go Global With Geography Activities!
Education World offers ten lessons that will inspire students to explore the world! Activities include a class geography bee, plotting the locations of classic children's stories, learning about cities with unusual names, planning road trips for sports teams, and much more!

Playground Maps Are an Endless Source of Fun---and Learning!
"The Playground Map Guy" offers a collection of student-centered activities for making playground maps come to life.

A "Boring" Lesson in Geography
Learn about a great lesson to motivate and excite your students as you teach them U.S. geography.

Crisscrossing the Country: Scavenger Hunts for Kids of All Ages
Education World challenges students to sharpen their Internet searching skills as they learn about the history and landscape of the United States. These activities -- suitable for a classroom, computer lab, or a rainy day at home -- include scavenger hunts and a plan-a-trip activity!


Each article listed below, from the Education World archives, tells of an engaging teacher-created project that could serve as a guide to help you liven up your geography lessons!

Every School Should Have a Playground Map!
Many kids are learning geography right on their own school playground -- thanks to Ed Bonne, "The Playground Map Guy"!

Read -- and Pedal -- Across America!
Georgia fourth-grade teacher Faye Smith puts a new spin on Read Across America projects! Her PAUSE program, Pedal Across the United States Every day, pairs reading and cycling in an interdisciplinary reading motivator. Included: Ideas for integrating this project across the curriculum!

GeoGame = Geography + Fun
GeoGame, a popular e-mail-based geography project, offers interactive geography projects for students across the grades!

SchoolWorld Projects Bring Together Schools Around the World
Learn about the Endangered Species Project and Books Without Boundaries, two of SchoolWorld's 50+ online projects!

It's Not Too Late to Create a State: Online Project Teaches Cooperation!
In the Create A State project, "students use the Internet as a tool to build cooperation and collaboration." Learn how to get involved!

Get Outta Class With Virtual Field Trips
Are your students getting restless? Are they tired of being cooped up in the classroom all day? Take them outside virtually with online field trips to all sorts of places -- from museums to a farm. Then learn how to create your own virtual field trips!

Kids Snap Communities in Internet Project
Kindergarten and first grade students from four states took pictures in their hometowns, created PowerPoint presentations about their communities, and used e-mail to share those presentations with one another. Learn how the project worked.

Degree Confluence Project: At the Intersection of Geography and Technology
Alex Jarrett set out on a trek to locate the point (called a confluence) where a line of latitude and longitude meet. He published his pictures on the Internet. That was the beginning of the Degree Confluence Project. With more than 11,000 confluences to be found, a confluence is within 49 miles of your classroom! Discover how to get your class involved.

Cities: An Interactive Learning Experience for Inquiring Minds
When three teachers pooled their efforts, experience, and class time, the result was "Cities," an online inquiry-based project that allows students freedom of choice as they practice their skills in science, English, mathematics, and more! Included: Student and teacher comments, a sample activity, and a link to the project!

GeoPals: Global Friends Help Kids Learn About Writing
When Barbara Soto discovered a listserv whose members are active, community-minded senior citizens, an idea occurred to her. Why not combine their knowledge and commitment with her students' need for the influence of mature adults? What started as an e-mail correspondence project has blossomed into a win-win outreach program called GeoPals! Read what teachers, students, and mentors say they get out of being involved in the GeoPals program!

MacDougall MacDougall in Time: Internet Project Teaches History, Geography, and Technology
Teacher Euan Bradley created MacDougall MacDougall, an imaginary Scottish time traveler and "misadventurer" who is at the heart of this multidisciplinary Web-and e-mail-based project. But Bradley never imagined how much his students would come to love MacDougall as they follow him across the world and through time.

Sands of the World: Swapping Sand and Sharing Knowledge
Have you seen black, pink, or red sand? Have you listened to singing or booming sand? Teacher Jane Carlson-Pickering was looking for a way to incorporate technology into one of her favorite units, rocks and minerals. When a grant provided a video microscope, the stage was set for the fabulous online project. Included: Tips for creating a successful online project, plus ideas for incorporating multiple intelligences into your curriculum!

Teachers Explore Antarctica and the Arctic!
Do you have the spirit of adventure? Would you like to work on a groundbreaking research project with top scientists? Have you ever dreamed of going to the North Pole or the South Pole? Learn about a unique program that gives K-12 teachers the opportunity to travel to the ends of Earth to participate in polar research expeditions!

Building a Working Community in the Classroom: One Teacher's Experience
Elementary teacher Toni Wing captured her students' interest by making them citizen-leaders of a city called Tinseltown. As business people, bankers, and employees, the students kept checkbooks and inventory and found out about the real world. Included: Ideas for creating a community in your classroom!

Students Create a Virtual Tour of Their Community
Two elementary educators in Newington, Connecticut found a way to allow their high-achieving students to go beyond the curriculum and create a terrific resource to share with other classes. The project became "Newington: Highlights of History," a PowerPoint presentation and oral tour of the heritage of their town.

Great Sites for Teaching About Maps
Education World navigates the Web to find some great resources for teaching with -and about -- maps!

"X" Marks the Spot: Map Resources on World Wide Web
Because the Web can respond immediately to political changes that forge new boundaries, your students can create and examine online maps that are more up-to-date than any of those in textbooks. No more searching through ancient atlases and dusty encyclopedias -- you'll find everything you need in the virtual world of the Web!


The resources below are not general geography lessons. They focus instead on specific countries, states, or geographic features.


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