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Poetry Month Lesson: Haiku Scrolls

Students will write a Haiku poem, then create a decorative scroll with a watercolor background.

Lesson: Build a Boat

In this grade 2-7, STEM-focused lesson, students apply the concepts of buoyancy and water displacement to design a watercraft. Meets Next Generation Science Standards!

Common Core: Thesis Writing With WordPress

This grade 6-12 lesson emphasizes the value of constructing quality claims and arguments while refuting fallacies.

Ellis Island and the Immigrant Experience

Grade K-8 students visit Ellis Island and relive the immigrant experience.

Honoring the American Woman

Women's History Month: Celebrate the accomplishments of women with five new lessons.

Egg-Related Activities and Lessons

Scrambling to find egg-related lesson plans for Easter? Look no further than this collection.

Lessons on Spring

Spring (the vernal equinox) begins March 20. Get creative lesson ideas here.