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Building Money $kills


Learning about money can be fun using this "Building Money $kills" bulletin board.

Transform one of your classroom bulletin boards into a storefront, and present math word problems based on the items "for sale." You can reinforce students' money skills by changing the prices on items each week. That way, the bulletin board can serve as a classroom math center for several weeks or more.

If you use this bulletin board around Presidents Day, be sure to discuss the presidents whose faces appear on U.S. currency.


Make large colorful signs that show a variety of grocery store products. You can use labels from actual products, pictures from magazines, or drawings of the labels.

Staple price tags onto the product images you create. Price tags and/or products can be changed from week to week so you can use the bulletin board over a span of several weeks or months. Create math word problems based on the products on the bulletin board.

If you teach older students, word problems might involve students in advanced math skills such as

  • figuring the cost of a single item when the product costs 3 for $1,
  • figuring out the cost of a product marked down 20 percent,
  • making change from a $10 bill, or
  • using coupons to save money.


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