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We Made It to 100!

Create an artwork by arranging 100 items to create the number 100.

A week or two before your school celebrates the 100th day of school, challenge students to bring in 100 of something from home. Students might collect and bring in 100 flip tops from beverage cans, 100 pieces of cereal, 100 buttons

Then challenge students to use their collections of 100 items to create an artwork that spells out the number 100. See some artwork examples below:

  • 100 made from Oreo cookies
  • 100 made from M&Ms
  • 100 made from sequins
  • 100 made from pretzel sticks

    For Older Students
    If you teach older students, you might challenge them to create a picture made from their collection of 100 items. See some artwork examples below:

  • A spider made from 100 pennies
  • A house scene made from 100 flip-tops
  • A sailboat made from 100 buttons
  • A snowman made from 100 small marshmallows


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