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AUGUST, 1996


A Chronology of US Historical Documents

History teachers, don't miss bookmarking this site.

An interesting patriotic grayscale background image livens this otherwise graphic-less site.

This one-page site is extremely well-organized, with a set of jumps at the top of the page to guide you down to the different sections.

Here is a one page site which provides a link farm to US Historical Documents that are on the web. It is simply designed and packed with links of importance for any history teacher... It is well-organized and easy to read. From links to the Magna Carta to President Clinton's State of the Union Addresses, and literally everything in between, this is a site which should be bookmarked for history class. An added bonus: at the top of the page, there is a link to the "Flags Page". Here you will find all the historic flags the US has had, and you can also find each state's current flag.