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July 2001

Edison Kids Power Lab

This site has lots of information about energy use, electrical safety, and why energy conservation is so important as well as links to related sources.
The site is attractive and easy to use.
Edison Kids Power Lab is clear and easy to navigate. Links to the various sections are available on the left and bottom of each page.
This site is designed to teach children about energy use and safety. Three characters introduce the topics. Sunny Lee teaches about Cool Electric Cars. Eddie Luz tells users how to Play It Safe and also offers great energy and safety links. Professor Kilowatt hosts Today's Energy Boost -- including the Factoid of the Day and the Power Booster Quiz. The Teachers Lounge offers links to lesson plans by Bill Nye, Kathy Shrock, Discovery Science, and others and some useful information from such sources as the National Science Foundation, Energy Net, and Edison Education Programs.