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YouTube Introduces YouTube Kids App: Making Browsing Safer for Children

YouTube introduces their new YouTube Kids App giving parents and teachers heightened control over what children are browsing for and watching on YouTube.

Microsoft Offers Office 365 to Students Globally for Free

Microsoft recently announced they are widening the opportunity of using Office 365 to any eligible student or teacher who is located where the software is available.

Teacher: What You'll Miss If You Ban Cell Phones in Your Classroom

Educator Robert Sterner shares four crucial teaching opportunities he would miss if he banned cell phones in his classroom.

Five Questions Educators Need to Ask EdTech Companies

Using technology in the classroom is becoming a popular trend among schools nationwide; however, one research scientist and STEM educator believes that there are a few questions educators must ask about the technological tools they use.

Educators Take to Twitter to Discuss Common Core

Researchers find that Twitter is becoming a main platform for teachers to discuss and debate on national issues, including the Common Core State Standards.

Teacher Uses Digital Technology to Teach Research and Tourism

A middle and high school history teacher uses the study of travel and tourism as an opportunity to hone students' nascent research skills.

A TechCHAT With Educator Gayle Horsma About Shutterfly's App

EdTech specialist Gayle Horsma discusses using Photo Story for Classrooms from Shutterfly with her students, issues within EdTech, and more in an exclusive interview with Education World.