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Online learning program helps students tackle learning the political process and culminates with an opportunity for them to vote in a mock election.
Students diagram similarities and differences in Christmas celebrations around the world.
Here's a very easy way for your students to draw a reindeer using their own hands.
Struggling to get your students to vary their reading choices? Book Buffet may be used to introduce your students to a variety of literature in a...
During the December holiday season, take advantage of a "teachable moment" by connecting the Polar Express book and movie to your curriculum.
Learning grammar needn't be a painful experience. Use these lessons and activities and have fun with your students.
Happy New Year? That depends on which calendar you use! Students can explore the world's calendar options and create their own perfect calendars.
This exercise is aimed at developing a productive class discussion regarding the issues of target markets and ethics in Super Bowl commercials.
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The Year of the Monkey begins on Feb. 8. Introduce students to the legends and traditions surrounding the 15-day Chinese New Year celebration.
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Education World offers six books teachers can use in their classrooms on Groundhog Day.
Celebrate Groundhog Day with activities, Internet exploration, and a variety of games. Printables included.