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Education World offers a teacher’s response to the controversy surrounding this myth and ways to embrace the changes in mindset it might propose.
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A middle school teacher is showing the endless possibilities of 3D printing after helping Phillip the duck get his feet back.
A new study indicates that empathy training could reduce suspensions in schools.
The U.S. Department of Education has announce grants and guidance to help formerly incarcarated individuals receive proper education services.
National Music Week is upon us once again, but this year’s celebration should a little different from the last. A little more, celebratory, if you...
Teachers in the nation's largest school district say that while suspension rates are down, school safety has been compromised.
The learning never stops for educators. Check out these FREE online PD resources!
Research from Michigan State University has found that one-to-one initiatives, or programs that provide every student with their own device, benefits...
A Twitter chat sponsored by Facing History and joined by Secretary of Education John B. King, Jr. is sure to help with your history lessons.
Nancy Willard encourages schools to make a concerted effort to increase the cultural competency of both students and staff to prevent bullying.
Nancy Willard outlines a strategy for how schools can quickly mobilize students to be in the forefront of their school and community in efforts to...
Nancy Willard encourages schools to abandon an authoritarian approach to addressing student misconduct and instead focus on reinforcing the idea of...
Helping students pay close attention to their mistakes can help them succeed, study finds.
10 tips to get you through one – and use it to your advantage.