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Are we really preparing our students for the job market or chasing a dream? Education World explores.
Trump's proposed education budget hints at the federal government stepping back on its education role.
The controversial series on Netflix about teen suicide has both educators and mental health officials concerned.
Google's rise to power has both educators and parents questioning its long-term impact.
Critics of Arizona's new education policy say it's taking a "warm body" approach to addressing the teacher shortage issue.
Multiage classrooms might not be a thing of classroom's past for much longer.
A shift away from the Common Core academic standards could be underway.
Medicaid cuts could leave school districts around the country without the funds to provide services and accommodations for special needs students.
Is there a place for teachers who don't want to leave the classroom, but want to move up in their careers?
Classroom management. It’s the one thing you wish they had covered more extensively in your educator prep program.
Microsoft is setting its sights on Chrome OS in the classroom with its new Windows 10 S.
The Trump administration is loosening school lunch guidelines and possibly sacrificing nutrition in the process.
Teachers are finding success in crowdfunding campaigns to offset the cost of spending their own paycheck on much-needed school supplies.
Sexual assault cases persist from elementary school up through college, so what's the solution to make schools safer?
President Trump has issued an executive order for a review of the federal government's role in public education policy.
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