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Despite advances in brain science research, many students with learning disabilities aren't being identified and treated.
Kids around the country are participating in STEM-focused camps doing everything from robotics to 3D printing.
The key to keeping the opioid crisis out of schools is talking about it, and talking about it early.
Schools are taking a strong look at their role in monitoring student internet activity, as well as teaching them how to be good people online.
Guidance counselors are introducing different programs to help incoming freshmen get acquainted with what to expect in high school.
More schools are adopting gardens and wildlife habitats as teaching tools.
The Department of Education announced that it plans to roll back Obama-era civil rights investigation procedures.
Science teachers are hitting obstacles when it comes to teaching about climate change from students and other teachers.
New data reveals that despite the abundance of technology in the classroom, it's not being utilized to the fullest.
Both New York and New Mexico have announced new reductions in the amount of time their students will spend taking standardized tests.
Food is being left on the table by a lack of participation in the summer meals program.
The MfA model keeps teachers in the classroom while removing the barriers to professional growth.
A new study breaks down different approaches states take in getting funds to low-income students.
Labor unions could see a loss in membership and fees if a case makes its way to the Supreme Court.
Betsy DeVos recently took harsh criticism from both Democrats and Republicans regarding the Trump administration's proposed budget cuts.