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Feeling maxed out? At capacity? Let's talk about how to manage our high-need classrooms.
Here are a few ideas to get you started on your own DIY summer professional development.
Education World has found some things that will absolutely be on every educator’s “to do” list this summer.
More and more educators are using social media to engage with their school community: posting projects, reminders, and classroom celebrations.
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Globally, we continue to slip behind other countries. We are no longer the model, as countries like Finland and South Korea have gained the spotlight.
Feeling maxed out? At capacity? Let's talk about how to manage our high-need classrooms.
Check out these fun and engaging STEM activities that are simple to put into practice in the classroom.
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The brain is made up of five main parts: the brain stem, pituitary gland, hypothalamus, cerebellum, and the cerebrum.
Use these math-based puzzles, problems, and brainteasers as icebreakers, transition fillers, and ready-made math challenges -- to help answer the...
Two simple projects teach students to respect and care for Earth.
Did you ever wish that your school was picked for an extreme makeover? Even little makeovers make a big difference.
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An unusual climber scaled a 25 story building in Minnesota. It was a raccoon!
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Gifted children’s unique characteristics are the same traits that can create added stress and unique challenges socially and emotionally. Being...
Lifestyle, Teachers: It's Not Too Late to Book Summer Trips!
During Atlantic hurricane season, use these lessons and activities to help students understand this unstoppable force of nature.
As the weather warms up, take the opportunity to talk about sun safety.