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A Techtorial graphicTake a 'Byte' from the Apple: Education World Techtorials

It's 10 p.m. and you're brain-dead, bunny-slipper clad, and hunting for great technology ideas for tomorrow's class. Perhaps your new computers -- lab, laptop cart, or handhelds -- are about to be delivered and you have no clue how to use them. Maybe you're a veteran teacher who uses technology regularly and needs some fresh ideas. No matter what you teach, what you know about technology, or how much technology is available to you, Education World Techtorials are for you!


Education World Techtorials are weekly, step-by-step instructions on using some aspect of technology in the regular classroom. Short, practical, and educationally sound, Techtorials provide classroom teachers with simple, straightforward tips they can use today!

Each week, Education World will post a new Techtorial dealing with topics related to software applications, Internet use, computer maintenance and troubleshooting, special interest technology, and more -- with a strong focus on the beginning or reluctant computer user. The Techtorials will provide help in both classroom management and creating computer-based activities for students and will include tips for both PC and Mac users.


Lorrie Jackson
The Coordinator of Instructional Technology at Lausanne Collegiate School in Memphis, Tennessee, Lorrie Jackson is the author of numerous book chapters and research articles on education technology. Her background includes teaching high school English, as well as K-8 technology classes in both public and independent schools. When not writing for Education World, Jackson conducts national and local workshops for preservice and inservice teachers. Her "spare time" is spent trying to keep up with her baby daughter!


Do you have 15 minutes to spare? That's all it takes to read most Techtorials. Bookmark them, or print them for reference later. Share them with a friend, your department, or your entire school! Click below to see previously published Techtorials. We'll be adding a new one each week.

Create a Presentation With Keynote 2
Create a Self-Grading Quiz With AppleWorks
Create Matching Worksheets With AppleWorks
Make a Bingo Game With AppleWorks
Make a Classroom Banner With AppleWorks
Make an AppleWorks Graph Template

Computer Basics/Navigation
Software Basics
Windows Wonderland

Computer Maintenance/Troubleshooting
The ABC's of PC Maintenance
Clean Your Machine
Find Lost Files and Folders
Summer-ize Your Computer
Troubleshoot Your Own Technology

Early Childhood
Tips and Cautions for Pre-K-2 Technology Use
Using Paint Tools in Pre-K-1 Classrooms

Educate With E-Mail: Part One
Educate With E-Mail: Part Two

Emerging Technologies
Skype: Talk to Anyone, Anywhere for Free
PhotoStory3: Projects, Slide Shows, and More
A Beginner's Guide to Wikis
Build a Blog
Creating a Podcast
Record, Edit, and Share Sound Files With Audacity
Social Bookmarking
Understanding RSS Feeds
What is a Podcast?

Create a Seating Chart With Excel
Create a Chart or Graph with Excel

Create a Grade Book in Excel
Create a Labeling Worksheet
Create a Watermark With Excel
Create an Adlib Story With Excel
Create an Interactive Map in Excel
Create Class Surveys With Excel
Create Self-Correcting Worksheets
Create Tessellations With Excel
Excel-ent Activities Across the Grades
Make A Poster With Excel!
Teaching Excel
Timelines in No Time
Top 10 Excel Questions
Using Excel to Create Interactive Crossword Puzzles
Using Spreadsheets to Create Interactive Grade Books

Blogging Basics: Student Journals On The Web
Firefox: An Open Source Web Browser
Fun and Games Replace Drill and Kill
Media Literacy
Notetaking On The 'Net
Online Games in the Classroom
On Track With TrackStar
Post Student Work Online
Simplifying Access to the Web
Surf Like a SHARK
Tips and Tricks for Using Internet Explorer
Tips for Creating Your Own WebQuests

Fun Keyboarding Activities for Kids
Keys to Keyboarding

Answers to the Top 6 Questions Parents Ask Teachers About Their Kids and Computers
Creating and Saving Screen Shots on a PC
Discover Tapped In
My First Inspiration Project
Teaching to Your Tech Type
Tech Tools For April Fools!
Using Digital Photography in K-8 Classrooms

Office (Note: Also see Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
Hyperfiction How-Tos
Hyperlinks Put Learning Into "Hyperdrive"
Mail Merge
Quick and Easy K-6 Office Activities
Save Time with Macros
Using Hyperlinks to Create Student Portfolios

Create a PowerPoint Photo Slide Show
Creating a Class PowerPoint Presentation
Create Interactive Maps in PowerPoint
Creating Word-by-Word Audio Books in PowerPoint
Make a Countdown Clock
Narrating PowerPoint Slide Shows
Quiz Students With PowerPoint
Stop-Action Animation With PowerPoint
Writing Storybooks With PowerPoint

Professional Development/Curriculum
e-Portfolio Fever
Teaching in a Tech-ing Classroom

Creating Tech Handouts
Back-to-School Tech Checklist

Create e-Portfolios for your Students and for Yourself
Downloading and Using e-Books in the K-12 Classroom
Higher Order Thinking Through Technology
Teaching About 9/11: K-12 Activities and Resources
Teaching in a Tech-ing Classroom

Special Needs
Accessibility Resources for Special Students

Web Design
HTML Basics
Put Your Class on the Web

Create Student Portfolios With Hyperlinks
Creating Graphic Organizers With Word
Creating Test Forms With Microsoft Word

Editing Images in Microsoft Word
Editing With Microsoft Word
Holiday Worksheets With Word
How to Make Trading Cards With Word
Make a Class Newsletter With Word
Make a Coloring Page in Word
Make a Concentration Game With Word
Make a Watermark With Word
Make Connect the Dots Pages in Word
Make Dominoes in Word
Seven Wonders of Word

Article by Lorrie Jackson
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