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School Violence Reality Check Worksheet

DIRECTIONS: Read the question. Circle the correct answer.

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1.  What percentage of homicides and suicides of school-aged kids occur during school or school-related activities?
a. Less than 1 percent.
b. About 10 percent.
c. More than 20 percent.

2.  In 1993, what percentage of public- and private-school students in grades 6 through 12 said they could get a handgun if they wanted one?
a. 19 percent
b. 29 percent
c. 59 percent

3.  In 1991, about 12 percent of high school students said they had taken a weapon to school. How does that figure compare to 1997?
a. More students took weapons to school in 1997.
b. Fewer students took weapons to school in 1997.
c. The number of students who took weapons to school stayed about the same.

4.  Which of the following groups of students are more likely to engage in violent behavior at school?
a. Freshmen
b. Sophomores
c. Juniors
d. Seniors

5.  According to a 1997 study, what percentage of students missed school each month because they felt unsafe?
a. 44 percent
b. 24 percent
c. 4 percent

Adapted from the School Violence Reality Check Quiz from the Family Education Network.

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