A    T E C H T O R I A L


Explain to students that rows and columns can be added to -- or deleted from -- a spreadsheet at any time.

Demonstrate how to add rows and columns by having them add your name and TV viewing time to their spreadsheets. To add data, provide students with the following directions:

  • On the spreadsheet, click the number 2 (for Row 2) just to the left of the first student's name. The whole second row now should be highlighted.
  • Click Insert in the menu bar, and then click Rows. The first student's name and data now should be on the third row, with a blank row above it.

  • Type your teacher's name into cell A2, and type his or her average daily TV-viewing hours into cell B2.

Explain to students that to delete a column or row, they click the number of the row or the letter of the column they want to delete, and then click Edit>Delete.

Explain to students that data in a spreadsheet automatically is aligned to the right of the cells. Explain that they can realign spreadsheet data the same way they realign text in Microsoft Word. To demonstrate, have students highlight cells B2:B21 and click one of the alignment icons (Align Left, Center, or Justify) in the menu bar.

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