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Social Emotional Learning for K-12 Educators

Social Emotional Learning for K-12 Educators

Learning New Strategies and Tips for Incorporating SEL in your Lesson Plans & Teaching

Social Emotional Learning for K-12 Educators is written to help educators understand the BIG topic of SEL in a manageable way. The course introduces the idea of the 3 Umbrella Skills, a useful and simple way to think about and discuss the broad ideas of SEL instruction. It also evaluates other popular SEL curriculums based on these Umbrella Skills.

Target Audience: K-12 Educators

Course Purpose

This course provides foundational knowledge of Social Emotional Learning, evaluates some of the more popular SEL curriculums in k-12 schools today, provides research to articulate the importance of SEL instruction in schools, and allows students to try writing their own SEL curriculum in their specific content area.


At the end of this course, students will be able to:

  • Describe the core topics in SEL in terms of the 3 Umbrella Skills
  • Describe CASEL's 5 (sometimes 6) Core Competencies AND articulate how the 3 Umbrella Skills relate to the 5 Core Competencies
  • Evaluate some widely used SEL curricula using the 3 Umbrella Skills
  • Use research to articulate the reasons that SEL instruction is so important for students
  • Write 2 lesson plans that addresses SEL skills in their own content area.

Price: $99.99

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