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Including students with disabilities in the regular classroom can be a challenging undertaking. This section is devoted to providing resources to help ensure that both regular teachers and mainstreamed students with disabilities have positive rewarding educational experiences together.



Inclusion / Mainstreaming Resources
Sub Topic of the Parents Community's Issues section also looks at the issues surrounding the current practice including students with disabilities in the mainstream classroom.

Assistive Technology
Check here to find information and resources on using assistive technology to make the lives of students with disabilities easier.

Classroom Management
This page in the Preservice Educators Community offers lots of helpful advice about creating positive learning environments in your classroom and getting ahead of discipline issues.


Special Education Inclusion: Making It Work

  • (Part 1) The state of inclusion 25 years after IDEA!
  • (Part 2) Successful inclusion meets the needs of all children.

Inclusive Education: An Online Forum
Last month, Education World reported on a new booklet about inclusive schooling from the National Institute for Urban School Improvement. Today, we bring you news of an online forum designed to provide teachers, parents, and advocates with the opportunity to virtually meet the author of that booklet and share questions, ideas, and experiences regarding inclusive educational practices.

What Does An 'Inclusive' School Look Like?
Improving Education: The Promise of Inclusive Schooling, a new booklet from the National Institute for Urban School Improvement, offers educators a close-up view of inclusive education. The free booklet includes a questionnaire to help educators evaluate and improve their schools.

Inclusion: Has It Gone Too Far?
Inclusion of all children with disabilities in regular classrooms seems to be the law of the land. But is it the right thing for all kids? And how are teachers handling it?

Language, Literacy and Children with Special Needs: Enabling Teachers to Enable Children
A new book goes a long way toward helping teachers develop strategies that work with special needs children in the regular classroom.

National Institute for Urban School Improvement
The National Institute for Urban School Improvement is dedicated to supporting urban educational communities that are implementing mainstream inclusion programs for students with disabilities. The site includes an excellent library of resources, a discussion forum, events calendar, and newsletter. (Grades: K-12)

Administration Resources : Education Issues:


Early Childhood Thematic Units
Early Childhood Thematic Units were designed for the inclusion of the special needs child in the regular classroom.

Get SETT for Successful Inclusion and Transition
An article from LD Online

Making Technology Work in the Inclusive Classroom :
A Spell CHECKing Strategy for Students with Learning Disabilities

The National Center on Educational Outcomes
The NCEO provides national leadership in the participation of students with disabilities and limited English proficient students in national and state assessments, standards-setting efforts, and graduation requirements.

Inclusion . . . Yours, Mine, Ours - ideas
Resources for including children with special needs in the regular classroom

Institute on Community Integration, University of Minnesota
The Institute on Community Integration's mission is to improve the quality and community orientation of services and supports for individuals with developmental disabilities and their families.

Consortium on Inclusive Schooling Practices
The Consortium on Inclusive Schooling Practices is a collaborative effort to help empower state and local education agencies to serve children and youth with and without disabilities in school and community settings.

Inclusion: School as a caring community

Building Inclusive Communities
This Wayne State University site provides information about building communities that that includes and empowers all members.

Inclusion Resource Network

INTegration vs. SEParation from the University of Fribourg, Switzerland.

Inclusion Resources
From Family Village.

Centre for Studies on Inclusive Education
In the United Kingdom

Kids Together, Inc
A nonprofit organization designed to promote inclusive communities where all people belong.

PEAK Parent Center
This group works to ensure that individuals with disabilities, young and old, are able to participate as fully as possible in their schools and communities.

Sherman Consulting, Inc.
This site is dedicated to providing information that assists school districts, educators, parents, and students in making inclusion work.

Utah's Project for Inclusion
The site provides information about Utah's Project for Inclusion as well as an extensive listing of inclusion-related links.

Florida Inclusion Network