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    T H E     I. E. P.     P R O C E S S    
Developing an Individualized Education Plan is a lengthy process that involves many factors and becomes the foundation of the student with special needs's educational future. This section provides resources and information on this sometimes confusing process for both educators and parents.


General Resources

Here you'll find information on the assessment of students with disabilities.

IDEA/ADA & Parent's Rights
Find out about legal rights and responsibilities in Special Education as layed out by the Federal IDEA & ADA legislation.

Inclusion / Mainstreaming
Learn more about the current practice of including students with disabilities in the regular classroom for all or part of the school day.

Transition to Adulthood
Resources on helping special needs students prepare for college and careers after high school.


Special Education:

Ten Ways to Take Charge of Your Child's IEP Meeting or Family Support Plan
Janet Holmes - Great tips for parents on mastering the art of the IEP meeting.

Did You See Your Regular Ed Teacher At Your IEP Meeting?
Reed Martin, J.D. - An overview of the new requirement that regular education teachers attend I.E.P. meetings of students included in regular education classes.

Individualized Education Programs & IDEA 97
A brief overview of the changes to the IEP and Placement Processes brought about by the recent amendments to the IDEA.

Individualized Education Programs & IDEA 97
From LD Online.

National Association of Private Schools for Exceptional Children (NAPSEC)
The National Association of Private Schools for Exceptional Children is a nonprofit association whose mission is to ensure access for individuals to private special education as a vital component of the continuum of appropriate placement and services in American education. The association consists solely of private special education schools that serve both privately and publicly placed children with disabilities.

IEP Resources at LD Online
Includes articles and useful tools for parents.