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Resources for Teaching 9/11 in the Classroom

Education World offers K-12 educators an updated list of resources to teach the history and impact behind the fateful day in the classroom.

Resources for Teaching 9/11


Using Monuments and Memorials to Teach

A quick Google search will provide you with information about 9/11 monuments and memorials in your area to study and reflect on in your classroom.

On, veteran educator James Percoco describes the best ways to use monuments and memorials to engage learners.

"Approach monuments and memorials as 'thought objects,' says James A. Percoco. Instead of using them to teach only about the historical events they memorialize, look at how they memorialize those events, who erected them, who designed them, and how they've been related to and used by the community since their erection," the site says.

View the instructional video before your intended lesson to get inspired about exploring monuments and memorials. 

If you're unable to plan a visit to a memorial in your area or can't find one close, has several great resources that will let your classroom experience the New York City memorial as if they were there. The site features an active camera view of the memorial as well as a time-lapse that shows the building of the memorial in 2004 to its present state as of 2014.

Check out those resources here

Check out "Resources for Teachers & Students"

9/11 Interview Project for Middle School Students

Designed for middle school students, 8th grade U.S. History teacher Elizabeth Schaefer has designed a project that is perfect to get students back into project-mode as well to get them actually understanding the history of September 11th.

Schaefer details each day of the week-long project and how she approaches the history behind the day. Even if you decide not to do an in-depth project, her thorough and thoughtful analysis into the project will likely benefit you regardless.

Read her post here.

Education World Lesson Plans

Use this page comprised of five different 9/11 resources for teaching about the day in your classroom.

The lesson plans include short stories, work sheets, book lists and activity ideas that will help you spend a day or several days teaching about 9/11.

See the lesson plans here.

Connect With Other Educators is a site that encourages conversation about teaching 9/11 cirriculum and invites educators form all over to discuss amongst each other. To get some ideas from peers or to ask for feedback about your own, check it out here. 

Nicole Gorman, Education World Contributor