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You've chosen your school and you're on your way to becoming the very best teacher you can. Let Education World help you on your path with resources selected with the busy education student in mind.

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  • Assessment
    Here you'll find resources on testing and alternative forms of assessment.

  • Classroom Management
    Learn more about the fine art of Classroom Management including discipline, behavior modification, and environmental factors.

  • Curriculum & Standards
    Use this page to find your way around Education World's many resources on Curriculum & Standards!

  • Ed Tech
    Keep up with the latest in education technology, including collaborative projects, assistive technology, and lots more!

  • Education Issues & Trends
    The way we educate children is changing rapidly -- keep up with the latest!

  • Educational Psychology
    Look here for resources to help understand the underlying psychological aspects of how children develop and behave.

  • Education Research
    This is the place to go when you're writing a paper, looking for education statistics or other research.

  • Lesson Planning
    Subject-specific and across the curriculum ideas for daily, weekly and monthly lesson ideas.

  • Methods & Strategies
    Find out what makes methods such as Montessori, Waldorf, Character Education, or MI special!

  • Multicultural Education
    Look here for tips on how to create a successful classroom experience for students from diverse cultures and how to teach multicultural issues.

  • Special Students
    This section can help you work with special needs students -- includes gifted, "at-risk", and disability resources.

  • Working with Parents
    Part of a successful classroom is positive relations with parents. Use this page to help create strong school-to-home connections.



Ed Schools: Are Tomorrow's Teachers Making the Grade?
How are our teacher education institutions doing? How might they improve on what they're doing? As the school year begins, Education World Principal Files principals reflect on new teachers they have hired in recent years. As well prepared as many of those teachers might be, principals say, colleges could do an even better job of training new teachers for the reality of the classroom. Included: Principals reflect on the need for new teachers to have more hands-on experiences, better classroom management skills, a keener awareness of the interpersonal skills needed to thrive in the school culture, and more!

Millionaire Teacher: 'Teaching Is the Best Job on the Planet!'
Education World talked with history teacher Bob House, winner of $1 million last week on the hit ABC show Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? What's his final answer to the question everybody's been asking? Quitting his job never even crossed his mind!

What's Going On in Teacher Education?
Teacher training institutions across the U.S. are working to improve the quality of America's teachers. Here we highlight a handful of programs that are taking steps -- big and small -- to change the way teachers are trained.

The State of Teacher Preparation: 1997
This article, the first in a two-part series, focuses on the problems and the challenges of teacher preparation.

Teacher Education
The purpose of the Teacher Education site is to provide a reference to help student teachers prepare for exams, research papers, and practicums. The site is a comprehensive guide to current education trends and practices relevant to education students.

Anyone who's a teacher remembers their practicum well, especially that first time they taught the class on their own without supervision. For most it is a challenging and rewarding experience, but it can also be frustrating. This is a site that can help prepare education students for successful and meaningful teaching experiences. The site includes a discussion area, plus advice on discipline, teaching methods, writing behavioral outcomes, and lots more.

New Teacher Home Page
This site was set up for teachers just starting out in the field of education. Users can see find information on classroom management, learning theories, finding a job, and more.

Education World is full of education resources. To help you find the information you need check out our Using Education World Guide in the Research Center.

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National Commission on Teaching & America's Future
This site providing statistics on teaching in America

Designed for new teachers and education students, ADPRIMA is a source of serious, quality education information. At this site you will find detailed, straightforward information on lesson planning, teaching methods, home schooling, classroom management, study skills, education reform, discussions, and much more.

Teacher Education Discussion Forum
Another message board to discuss education issues.

Ideas for New Teachers and Education Students
From "how to" information on lesson planning and writing behavioral objectives to descriptions of the advantages and disadvantages of different instructional methods, this section of the ADPRIMA site can be helpful to new teachers and teacher education students.

Teaching Pre K-8 Idea Site
Providing classroom activities, teacher resources, author interviews and much more.