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Behavioral Disabilities

Developmental Disabilities



Learning & Behavioral Challenges
This section of the Special Education Community is devoted to providing resources to help teachers and professionals understand these students and to help them to achieve their highest potential.

Inclusion / Mainstreaming Resources
Learn more about the issues surrounding the current practice of mainstreaming students with disability in the regular classroom for either all or part of the day in our Parents Community's School Issues section.


Research Shows Brains of Dyslexics Change as Reading Improves
Is dyslexia brain-based or behavioral? Researchers at the University of Washington are closing in on the answer. Education World news editor Diane Weaver Dunne writes about new dyslexia research. As dyslexic children improve their reading through an effective phonics program, their brain functioning also changes.

Multiple Intelligences: It's Not How Smart You Are, It's How You're Smart!
Howard Gardner's multiple intelligence theory asks educators to take a fresh look at our assumptions about children and learning. Teachers around the world are rethinking lessons and units -- and their entire approaches to teaching -- based on his research. This week, Education World provides resources to help you explore the wealth of information on multiple intelligence theory available on the Web!

ADHD: Misunderstood, Misinterpreted and Misdiagnosed
Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD, affects almost two million children, has existed for generations, and is grossly misdiagnosed, but until this November we were no closer to being able to objectively diagnose those who really have it than we were a half century ago. Included: Strategies for teaching students with ADHD, and resources for additional information.

Can Do
Can Do is an "ability-focused Web site dedicated to helping all people develop a 'can-do' attitude and approach to life... no matter what the obstacles."

Born to Explore: The Other Side of ADD
This site offers an alternative perspective on ADD and ADHD with some good information on creativity, assessment, and other factors not usually taken into consideration.

A Compact for Reading & School-Home Links
A Compact for Reading is "a written agreement among families, teachers, principals, and students to work together to help improve the reading skills of kindergarten through third grade children." (Grades: K-3)

Schwab Foundation for Learning
Helping to improve the lives of children who learn differently from others is the goal of this site. The non-profit organization offers a wealth of information and resources for parents and educators alike.

ADHD / Special Needs Resources: Kids Who Thrive "Outside the Box!"
Every teacher who has ever had, or ever will have, a child with ADD or ADHD in their class should check out this insightful resource full of articles, discussion lists, links, and good advice.

LD Online
LD (Learning Disabilities) Online is an "interactive guide to learning disabilities for parents, teachers and children".

Serving children and adolescents with learning disabilities dedicated to helping children and adolescents who experience social, emotional, and behavioral problems related to their learning disabilities.

Behavioral Characteristics of Learning Disabled Students
A check list is designed to alert the classroom teacher to the possible presence of a learning disability among one or more of his/her students.

Support for parents, teachers, families of children with ODD, CD, ADHD/ADD, Tourettes, BPD, Aspergers and other behavior disorders.

Dyslexia: The Gift
Join this group as they explore the positive talents that give rise to dyslexia, and share their knowledge about the best ways for people with dyslexia to learn.

About Dyslexia
Valuable information on the complex disorder, Dyslexia.

Learning Disabilities Fact Sheet
What are Central Auditory Processing Problems in Children? Find out in this informative article.

Learning Disabilities Association
A national, non-profit organization advancing the education and general welfare of children and adults of normal or potentially normal intelligence who manifest disabilities of a perceptual, conceptual, or coordinative nature.

LD Online
The interactive guide to learning disabilities for parents, teachers and children. Includes a comprehensive Ask The Expert feature and a special online newsletter.

Twenty-five Practical Tips for Managing Emotion and Learning
An outline discussing various emotional and learning problems with specific suggestions on how to manage them.

Education: Learning Disabilities & Dyslexia
Parent's Soup resources and link for parenting children with the learning disabilities.

Parents & Educators Resource Center
Information and guidance for parents of children with learning differences.

Parents Helping Parents
Meeting children's special needs through Parents Helping Parents. Excellent information on parenting children with learning differences.

Math is Just a Game
A listing of links related to the special needs and learning disabled child.

The Behavior Home Page
Includes links to information and resources to help teachers deal with children who have behavioral disorders.



Physical Challenges
In this section of the Special Education Community you'll find resources on hearing & vision impairments, spinal cord injury, cleft pallete, seizure disorders, and other less pervasive physical challenges.

Severe Physical Challenges
Here you'll find resources and information about severe or multiple physical challenges such as cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, and deaf-blindness.

Inclusion / Mainstreaming Resources
Learn more about the issues surrounding the current practice of mainstreaming students with disability in the regular classroom for either all or part of the day in our Parents Community's School Issues section.


Kids With Disabilities Focus of Three New Books
Each of these books is intended to help young readers appreciate that all people are special and are more alike than they are different.

Special Books for Special Kids!
JayJo Books has found its niche as a publisher of books written to teach elementary school children about their classmates or others who might be living with a chronic disease such as asthma, diabetes, or epilepsy.


HandSpeak: A Sign Language Dictionary Online
HandSpeak is an animated dictionary of sign language. A new sign is added daily. (Grades: K-12)

Can Do
Can Do is an "ability-focused Web site dedicated to helping all people develop a 'can-do' attitude and approach to life... no matter what the obstacles." (Grades: K-12)

SignWriting is a writing system that uses visual symbols to represent the hand shapes, movements, and facial expressions of signed languages. It is an "alphabet" -- a list of symbols used to write any signed language in the world. The site includes a comprehensive set of lessons teaching SignWriting for beginners and intermediates. Included under the SignWriting Library are SignWriting Literature (for all levels) and Articles About SignWriting. (Grades: K-12)

American Sign Language
Ever want to learn American Sign Language? Then check out this page. Here you'll find an ASL Fingerspelling Dictionary with cool animated hands! Not only that, there's also an ASL Fingerspelling Converter where you can type a word that is then converted into sign language. You can also quiz yourself! (Grades: K-12)

Gallaudet University
Gallaudet University is the world's only university for deaf and hard of hearing undergraduate students. Graduate degree programs and continuing education courses are available to deaf, hard of hearing, and hearing students.

Down Syndrome
Down syndrome can be a difficult subject to explain to children. If you're looking for a good way to share information about Down syndrome with children, this is the perfect resource. There is information about Down syndrome from conception through adulthood written in simple terms.

Deaf World Web
Links, resources, directories and information for hearing impaired.