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The Titanic~ 100 years

One hundred years ago~ the RMS Titanic set sail on its maiden voyage from Southampton~ England to New York City. Dubbed the "unsinkable" ship~ the Titanic hit an iceberg at 11:40 PM ~April 14~1912~sinking into the cold Atlantic Ocean shortly afterwards at 2:20AM.Thousands were still aboard the ship when she went down~with those dying from the cold water temperatures in a matter of minutes. 1514 people lost their lives when the ship sank.710 survivors were rescued by the RMS Carpathia that...

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Graphic Organizers to Aid in Learning

Graphic organizers are a great teaching tool to use regularly! Many teachers are great about using KWL charts~ but those are not the only graphic organizers out there. Visual and mathematical-logical learners truly benefit from this type of learning. If the graphic organizers are leveled for different groups or...

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Polar Bear Webquest

A polar bear has a very powerful nose~able to smell its favorite food~ a seal~ up to twenty miles away. A polar bear can even sniff out the den of this animal covered by snow and find its air hole up to one miles away.Because of their powerful nose~ polar bears are sometimes called "noses with legs". Learn more about the polar bear with this fun and informative...

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Make Parent Nights Work for You!


Do you dread parent nights and open house? Do you get nervous, knowing that parents are checking you out and wondering if you're the right person to teach their child? Well, why not show them your skills, and in the process, educate parents on how to help their child learn more effectively.

To learn more, join the discusssion "Parent Nights"at Ed World's group for innovative teaching.

Meetyou there,


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The Wooden Cookie Box.(Start learning...

Once the people in your family are gone~ it is very hard to retrieve the stories about your family past. Make it a point to sit and chat with your aunts~ uncles~ grandparents~mom and dad. Ask them things about their childhood. Did they play sports? In which city did they grow up. Do they have any interesting memories about their childhood? Ask them the names of their parents and siblings and where they came from. All these stories are what make you who your are today. I remember my dad...

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April Fool'sDay is Coming !(...

"The first of April is the day we remember what we are the other 364 days

of the year. "...

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Earth Hour is coming

Earth Hour is coming. Here is a way to participate in developing environmental responsibility and awareness that climate challenges facing our planet need to be global. In its 6th year~ people around the world are being asked to shut off electric lights and other electrical devices for one hour on March 31st. Begun in New Zealand~ it is estimated that over 135 countries around the world will take part this year.Landmarks such as the leaning Tower of Pisa~ the Vatican~ the Eiffel Tower~ the...

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Sign of the books!

A sign of the times that more and more people are reading e-books. Encyclopaedia Britannica Inc.~ which has published their encyclopedias for more than 200 years~ has announced that they will cease publishing their print editions~ focusing on their digital versions of their encyclopedia~ instead.


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Ireland~ the Emerald Isle

Perhaps~ the webquest I develop on Ireland might be of interest~ too:

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Clicker Crazy!

Its official. I have gone Clicker Crazy! I have found ways to incorporate the clickers~ or remote control keypads as they are known in my school district~ into all kind of activities. These remote controls allow students to punch in answers electronically~ and the results are posted on the overhead screen. For instance~ the class answers a math problem~ punching in either the number or choosing a mutliple choice answer~ and then the screen shows what percent of the class got the...