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Redefining 'Class Participation...

This guest blog post was made by EducationWorld Web Assistant Joseph Murphy, a student at Furman University in Greenville, SC.

Students in the 21st century live and breathe technology. Cell phones are fused to their hands, ear buds are glued in their ears, and any kid can find the answer to a question in .5 seconds through the Web. With technology...

Blog: Ed Tech Today

Teachers Are Unhappy In Their Work?

Employment Web site CareerBliss recently ranked the happiest and unhappiest jobs in America and, according to their methodology, teachers are the third unhappiest professionals in the country.

Teachers fall behind only security officers and registered nurses on the list. The CareerBliss data evaluated the key factors which affect work happiness, including: work-life balance, one's...

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Get Out!

As a teacher, do you want to have tunnel vision? Do you want to be locked into one way of doing things? Do you want to stop growing and building upon your prior experience?

Ok, then I have some advice for you:

Stay in your classroom. Thats right. Dont venture out into the world of education, where you can pick up techniques, lessons and philosophies that can greatly enhance your instruction. Stay cooped up in your room and just keep chugging along, without knowing that...

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Elephant Appreciation Day is Coming(...

September 22 is Elephant Appreciation Day. Did you know that elephants can be right or left tusked, kind of like humans are with their hands? Did you know that the elephant has the largest brain of the animal world?Learn more interesting facts about the elephant with this fun and informative webquest. I have also listed several extension activities. Hope you find the activity of value with your students.

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Smooth Transition

Changing jobs can be stressful. Lets face it. No matter what you know from the previous job, you will always face a learning curve when entering a new position.

I am facing that learning curve as we speak, as I have recently accepted a new position teaching gifted students at a school in Tampa, which also happens to be in a different school district.

The situation has inspired me to brainstorm creative, calm ways to make your transition from one teaching job to another smoother...

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Charter School Pregnancy Policy Sparks...


Blog: Ed Tech Today

Mountain Lion Roars

mountain lion

This guest blog post was made by EducationWorld Web Assistant Joseph Murphy, a student at Furman University in Greenville, SC.

In the first four days of its release, Apple sold more than three million copies of the new operating system...

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What's Your Rep?

Reputations are like shadows. They follow you everywhere!

We often tell our students that their reputation is important, and that it will follow them to the next grade. But how often do we think about our own reputation?

If there is one thing that I have learned, it's that the goodwill we build as educators can make or break our career. In the past five years, I have changed teaching jobs twice. Both times I received a job offer based on the recommendation of my previous...

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Rubrics for Assessment


Differentiation in the classroom is a given, and one way to differentiate is by changing up the product for different level/interest of the learner. Of course, if you are allowing...

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Advocating for Children

As a constituency, children receive little attention in federal budget discussions. Today in Washington, and indeed leading up to the implementation of the Bipartisan Budget Control Act (BCA) (aka sequestration) next year, federal expenditures will be on the tip of everyones tongue.

According to the Kids Share 2012 report, just released by...