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Enriched TIme

As an educator~ ask yourself this question:

When is the last time your students got to pursue their own interest during the school day?

If you are like most teachers~ and honest with yourself~ the answer is probably never. With standardized

testing dominating class time and so many standards to teach~ classroom teachers cannot be blamed for

the lack of time children have in school to pursue what they love. However~ with a little creativity~ and

yes~ a little...

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Do you Have the Time?(Resources on Time...

Do you have the Time?
by Gail Skroback Hennessey

People have long wanted to remember important events...thats why time recording developed. Time was recorded based on rulers reigns~ the Olympic Games and the movement of the earth~ sun and moon. Use the activities to help discuss time recording and timelines. Hope you find this resource of value!


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Millennials and Boomers: Building...

Each generation has a personality~ characteristics and preferences that define their behavior and their views of the world. Millennials~ those born between 1980 and 2000~ are no different. Their arrival in the professional world has significant implications for the workplace~ across sectors but including and perhaps especially education.

The October issue of Learning Forwards JSD features...

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Learning from an Experiment in Year-...

We've all heard about summer learning loss. Students lose between one and two months' worth of academic knowledge each summer. Low-income students are particularly sensitive to this phenomenon some research suggests that more than half of the achievement gap seen in reading between these students and their wealthier peers can be attributed to summer loss.


So across the nation,...

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Mayflower and Pilgrim Webquest Updated...

I've updated my Mayflower and Pilgrim Webquest.


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Gifted For All!

Gifted for All

Students taking ownership of their learning, developing their strengths and pursuing their passions, gaining transferable life skills, creating real-world products for real audiences.
The more I study gifted education, the more I believe the strategies and approaches used for gifted children could greatly benefit the entire education world.

Too often, gifted education is mistakenly considered a privilege of the...

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Tech Tips For Teaching Languages

Thank YouBritish newspaper The Guardian has put together some terrific tips for using current technologies to teach languages. In an article by Emma Durry, teachers can see how everything from cutting edge tech like QR codes to antiquated tools...

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Malala Yousafzai is being nominated for...

The Nobel Peace Prize is awarded each year to someone deemed to have made an important contribution to world peace. A petition has started to consider 15 year old Malala Yousafzai for this award.The Pakistani teen spoke out for girls to be allowed to go to school. You may remember that Malala was shot by Taliban members who do not want girls to get an education. Teachers around the world, perhaps,signing the petition to have Malala considered for the Nobel Peace Prize, is something you may...

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Expert Advice

The conversation went something like this:


So how is nuclear energy used in everyday life?


Have you ever had an X-Ray taken?


My sister has.


Well~ that radiation~ thats a form of nuclear energy.


Oh~ O.K.

The above interview took place recently between one of my fifth-grade students and a researcher at the University of South Florida. The student~ part of the gifted program at the...

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Think Twice Before Sharing Election...

Truman DeweyThe folks at All Things D are issuing a warning to those who may be quick on the social media trigger.

The site warns of spurious--or outright fake--posts that are expected to be put out in an effor to dissuade voters. As results come in, but...