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Never Give Up

I was ready to quit on this kid. I know~ as teachers we are supposed to reach every child~ educate them all~ inspire them all to greatness.

But I think this student hated meat least when we first met.

She is a fifth-grader in the schools gifted program~ which I took over this summer when I accepted a new position and relocated to a new school system. From the start~ we butted heads. I began teaching the gifted group using a math program~ called the Stock Market Game. Most...

Blog: Ed Tech Today

Geography Ideas to use in the Classroom

Young people need to know about the world in which they live. Here are some activities to use with your students to encourage geography awareness? Perhaps~ you will find these of value to use with your students.
Gail Hennessey

1. My students enjoyed doing this short map safaris to solve a secret message:
Find the answer to the following geographic puzzler. Then~ place the first letter of the word in the proper space below to solve the...

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Instagram Backs Down on Image Ownership

In a move that sent ripples across the Internet, photo-sharing Web site Instagram attempted to adjust its privacy policy to claim ownership of all images publicly uploaded by its users.

After public outcry over the policy shift, Instagram reversed its course and ceased actively seeking...

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True Heroes

So often~ young people today worship rock stars and athletes~ and the mainstream media creates heroes out of people who sing well or are born into royalty.

While some of these stars have admirable qualities and their accomplishments noteworthy~ the true heroes of the world~ in my opinion~ are people like those caught in the horrendous events at Sandy Hook Elementary in Connecticut~ where 26 people lost their lives.

Teachers~ like Victoria Soto~ and principals~ like Dawn...

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The Changing Dynamics of School...

By Dr. Jason Creekmore~ principal of McCreary County Middle School and member of the Kentucky Association of School Administrators

The wide-ranging concept of leadership is one of the most studied topics in all of academia; however~ the more specific issue of educational leadership has gained attention in recent years due to the increased expectations of public schools to improve student achievement. Serving as school principal can be truly fulfilling. Indeed~ there are few positions...

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Parent Power

In my experience~ parents can be your best friend or your worst enemy.

As a teacher~ it really comes down to how you deal with them~ particularly in how you communicate with them and respond when they have questions or concerns.

I never understood when colleagues created an us against them type of situation with parents. Dont get me wrong. Ive had those parents that make you want to quit the profession. You know the ones that drive you up the wall~ expecting miracles and...

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Learn about First Lady Michelle Obama...

Need a fun activity for before the holiday? I wrote a new To Tell the Truth Play on First Lady Michelle Obama. Based on the television game show, three guests all say they are the real First Lady. Only one must tell the truth throughout the play. Perhaps, you will find the play of value to use with your students. Check it out here:

I have also...

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Wright Brothers Made History on...

Did you know that the Wright Brothers' plans for their Wright Flyer airplane was turned down by the U.S. Army? Did you know that the distance of the Wright Flyer was less than that of the wingspan of today's 747 Jet? Did you know that only 7 people came to witness the December 16~1903 flight(and TWO of these people were Wilbur and Orville)? I've developed a fun and informative webquest which you may find of value to use with your students. Additionally~ I have included some activities which...

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Act Professional!

Bobby isnt the best student. He doesnt get all As. He is not always interested in what the teacher has to say. Socially~ hes awkward.

However~ there is one thing Bobby loves~ and thats technologyand hes good at it. This boy wants to know everything about computers~ how they work~ what they look like inside~ how to repair them. In between lessons~ he fixes the teachers computers.

Bobby also assists the schools technology person~ installing keyboards~ batteries and...

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Star Wars Can Teach History?

x wingIt is one of the most beloved film franchises of all time, and now Star Wars has been examined and presented as a means to teach world history. A new book entitled Star Wars and History claims that the epic space story parallels many earthly historical events. Star Wars creator George Lucas has denied any intentional links to actual events, but...