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Collaboration: Implementing Research...

We have access to a lot of good sound research and information in todays information age. Education practitioners~ those working in schools and districts~ are ultimately responsible for overseeing system-wide changes~ but they rarely have time to sift through data and evidence to identify sound research that might offer guidance for their respective district or school. Therefore~ those higher up in district administration are more likely to be the ones assessing available research and...

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Today is Abe Lincoln's Birthday-...

Today~February 12 is Abraham Lincoln's actual birthday.

President Abraham Lincoln was president through the four years of the Civil War(1861-1865) He had promised in his election campaign that if elected~ he'd end slavery. What you may not know is that President Lincoln started our national Thanksgiving holiday. He issued a proclamation saying that the last Thursday of each year would be a...

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Holocaust Holograms Teach History

A historical account is always better when it comes directly from someone who experienced it, and scientists at USC have come up with a way to offer firsthand accounts to students even after the storyteller is long dead.

Utilizing hologram technology, Holocaust survivors are being recorded and saved so that generations of students will be able to benefit from hearing...

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Mentoring-Who's really benefitting

Ive heard it said that if you really want to learn something~ teach it to others.
This concept has really hit home for me~ now that I have begun mentoring aspiring teachers.
Having recently taken on an intern from a local university~ I have been forced to reconsider my methods and knowledge as an educator. Truth be told~ you cant teach someone else to be effective if dont have your own act together.
As I observe the intern and provide feedback~ I am subconsciously...

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A Teaching Persona

Wondering how many of you feel the same way.
When it comes to dealing with adults~ I usually can get very tongue-tied and feel very self conscious. I wouldn't think of telling a joke in public or doing anything to cause attention to myself. However~ in the classroom it was so very different! I put on a black wig and serpent headgear to introduce ancient Egypt. I also put on a sari when doing India and dressed as an Islamic woman during a lesson on the Middle East. If a student gave an...

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Independent Study

Most of us have had Jane in our class. Shes focused. She learns fast~ finishes her work early.

Shes a good sport~ willing to help other students in class. She runs errands. She completes enrichment worksheets.

But if were honest with ourselves as educators~ the question becomes:

What do we do with her?

One answer is the independent study project. It is a fantastic method to challenge even the most advanced learner or gifted child. And once you master the steps...

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Surface Sales Fall Short

zuneA challenger in the tablet wars has come up short. Microsoft’s Surface has failed to deliver on the firm’s conservative sales goal during the device’s first three months on the market.

The Surface registered nearly 750,000 units sold in its first quarter of availability, below the target of just over 1 million, according to...

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Potential versus Performance

I recently read a speech by billionaire investor Warren Buffett~ where he spoke about performance versus potential. Im paraphrasing here but he said he would rather hire a person~ who has a 200 horsepower engine and gets maximum output~ than hire a person with 400-horsepower engine but only uses 100-horsepower.

I instantly related it to my gifted students.

Some kids have extremely high IQs and produce poor quality work or hardly any work at all while students with much...

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Groundhog Day is Coming(extension...

Groundhog Day is Saturday~ February 2nd.

Groundhog Day is Saturday~February 2nd. Its a time when people look to a groundhog to find out whether or not we will be having six more weeks of winter. The idea dates back hundreds of years when people looked to hibernating animals such...

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School Email Error Sends Parents to...

In a case of a little mistake turning into a major kerfuffle, the Chicago Public Schools system was left apologizing to families for sending an email with a link to an erotic Web site.

According to CBS Chicago, the email was intended to inform...