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Children's Encyclopedia
Of Women



Looking for biographies of famous women? Check out the Pocantico Hills School's Children's Encyclopedia of Women for a large set of biographies and a comprehensive list of Internet resources.

The simple layout includes photographs or drawings of most of the women featured.

The main page has a long alphabetical list of links to the biographies. Alphabetical navigation links are provided, as are regularly spaced links back to the top. The other pages have a link back to the main page at the bottom.

The collection of biographies is comprehensive and provides not only a great research resource but also a good example of a way to involve students in school Web sites. The collection was begun in 1998 and already contains an impressive list of biographies. Other useful pages on the site include a Timeline of Women and a list of Important Dates in Women's History. The Internet resources page is an excellent research tool and contains a set of links to other sites.