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  1. The first team of professional baseball players, was the Cincinnati Red Stockings.
  2. The first girls of summer, women who were paid to play baseball'
    competed in their first game in 1875.
  3. In the 1870s, an American woman could not vote.
  4. In the 1890s, scores of "Bloomer Girls" baseball teams were formed all over the country.
  5. Women played league baseball in skirts.
  6. Stadiums which are at a high altitudes have much thinner air,
    so the ball flies much farther."
  7. The "sweet spot" on a bat is located at the base of the bat.
  8. The first bat was made in Illinois.
  9. Bats are made out of pine trees.
  10. Bats are made thicker and heavier today than they were when Babe Ruth played baseball.
  11. Players have also been known to rub their bats with ham bones or glass bottles.
  12. Through the mid-1800s, players still fielded the ball barehanded.
  13. The Japanese invented baseball.
  14. Japanese games are won by bunts and walks.
  15. A major league pitcher can throw a baseball up to 145mph.

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