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What is itPlanboard is an online tool designed to help educators simplify their planning. The site allows teachers to save and share calendars and schedules, making it easy to re-use these plans in the future.

How does it work? Once a new user has registered an account, s/he can begin adding items to a personal calendar. The whole thing works a lot like the calendar on most mobile phones, only this version is online.planboard

How hard is it to use? The interface is very simple and intuitive. Adding and editing a calendar entry is equally simple. Point, click, type and save—that’s pretty much it.

How well does it work? It works as advertised. A calendar is available whenever the user is connected to the Internet.

The simplicity of Planboard is also its downfall. The site operates very much like the calendar app native to just about every mobile phone, so there is a redundancy issue. Do users want to use the free phone calendar they have with them at all times, or the online one which requires an Internet connection and comes with a $29.95 per-year price tag?

Similarly, while the sharing feature of Planboard is handy, mobile calendar apps also have this capability. The benefit Planboard brings is that teachers do not have to provide a personal email or mobile number to the person with whom they are sharing their calendar.

How do I use it in the classroom? This is an organizational tool that helps teachers store and keep track of their schedules.

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