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Site Review: Watch-Know-Learn

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Content:  This site offers free, categorized educational videos for the K-12 classroom.

Design: The setup is fairly simple and puts the focus on the aggregated content rather than the design. Users are not distracted by flashy bits of animation that appear elsewhere on the page. The categories are arranged nicely, which makes finding videos for a specific academic discipline fairly easy.

watch know learnReview: Watch-Know-Learn has indexed approximately 50,000 educational videos, placing them into a directory of over 5,000 categories. The videos are available to teachers without any registration or fees. Parents and students also can access them at home. Users can dive into the innovative directory or search for videos by subject and grade level.

The video titles, descriptions, grade level information and ratings are all edited for usefulness. Additionally, the site uses a new kind of wiki system that is guided by actual classroom teachers. Watch-Know-Learn does not itself host videos; instead, it serves as a library for links, or wiki, to excellent educational videos that have been vetted by educators. Those same educators suggest videos for inclusion in the directory, and then review, approve and assign those videos into appropriate categories using a wiki framework and philosophy.

Videos run the gamut of academic subjects from science and art to engineering and English. All teachers will find something useful here.

Bottom Line:  Looking for quality videos to share with your class? Your first stop should be Watch-Know-Learn.


Article by Jason Tomaszewski, EducationWorld Associate Editor
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