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Site Review: NanoSpace

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Content:  This interactive science Web site educates kids about the nanoscale world of atoms and molecules.

Design:  NanoSpace sports a cutting-edge design with fluid animations and tight controls that mimic the experience of playing a console game. Web-based games can be a crapshoot in terms of functionality, but this site really delivers.

NanospaceReview:  The recent winner of the Center for Digital Education’s 2013 Best of the Web award, NanoSpace offers over 25 games and activities in an online amusement park that aims to spur student engagement.

Each of the games and activities is aligned to the Common Core State Standards for science, giving them instant academic credibility. The site also provides educator resources, including a complete guide to NanoSpace’s lesson plans, age-relevant worksheets and opportunities for homework assignment.

Bottom Line:  Molecular science can be a tricky field for students, but NanoSpace helps teach these concepts while getting students excited about the material.


Article by Jason Tomaszewski, EducationWorld Associate Editor
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