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Student-Created Wikis

By Alma Row


Wikis are a great instructional tool, but all too often students need a legitimate email account to create one. Jottit wikis are a great solution to that dilemma. This wiki generator doesnt have all the bells and whistles of other wikis, but if your instructional focus is content, the site is perfect for student-created wikis. When you go to Jottit, enter your information in the opening box and click the Create a Site button. A wiki will be created with its own unique URL. Youll then want to name your wiki and password-protect it. To do that, enter a password and click Claim. The next screen will ask for an email address; instruct students to enter a bogus address (Remind them to not lose the password!) and click Claim again. Click Settings to give the site a name that will be reflected in the URL. Enter a heading and subheading for the site and click Give your site an address. As long as the name is unique (and without spaces), you now have a wiki! Check out the design link to change color schemes and font. To add additional pages, click Create New Page. The navigation is automatic.


Article by Alma Row
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