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Best Social Media Sites for Teachers


Social media platforms are ingrained in our everyday lives, and while educators are using mainstream channels such as Twitter and Facebook, a burgeoning stable of teacher-specific sites are attempting to provide a more tailored educator experience.

Because technologies like LinkedIn and Facebook are not designed for the K-12 world, teachers using them may encounter a few hurdles. In response, EducationWorld has put together the following collection of educator-specific social media platforms. Each one aims to help K-12 educators get the most out of their social media participation.

We Collaborate

Blackboard Collaborate is one of the more popular virtual learning platforms, and We Collaborate is an independent community of users who share tips, tricks and best practices for getting the most out of the technology. In addition to the Blackboard Collaborate topics, We Collaborate is also home to groups discussing the Elluminate and Wimba platforms.

While there is a very specific audience for this site, the active discussions mean that the content rarely gets stale. Someone is often seeking help with a feature, or offering a new way to use the technology.

Teachers Engage

Brought to you from the folks at Intel, Teachers Engage is where users find general discussions and resources focusing on effective uses of technology in the K-12 classroom. Here, users can post questions, seek feedback and otherwise interact about anything related to technology in the classroom.

Despite Intel’s backing, the chip manufacturer does not get involved in the discussions, preferring to leave it an open forum for educators. Discussions run the gamut, touching on everything from school Internet filtering policy to new gadgets that can be used in the classroom.

Technology Integration in Education

This site’s name may be a mouthful, but by all measures it’s a terrific educational social media site that specializes in technology. This site expands on the Intel model by incorporating information on educational tech-themed professional development conferences. TIE also offers a mobile app version of the site for both Android and Apple users.


Article by Jason Tomaszewski, EducationWorld Associate Editor
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Last updated 1/12/17