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Podcasts for Every Subject: Science

Education World is pleased to present a special series of podcast roundups that cover every area of an academic subject. In this selection of best science podcasts for all grade levels, you’ll find some of the best video and audio that the Internet has to offer K-12 science educators. While some podcasts are popular and air nationally and internationally off of the Web, others are hidden gems we've uncovered.

best science podcasts

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Radiolab comes out of WNYC, a New York City National Public Radio affiliate. The podcast has become one of NPR’s most popular syndicated programs since it began in 2002. Hosts Jad Abumrad and Robert Krulwich make science accessible yet challenging, and the program boasts great production quality. Radiolab is currently on its 12th season, with podcasts typically updated on a biweekly basis on and iTunes. Try using episodes as homework assignments!

Mr. Craig's Biology Podcasts:

Coming out of Centennial, CO, Mr. Craig's Biology Podcasts help students and educators alike. Produced and hosted by Arapahoe High School Science Department Chair Jesse Craig, the programs are learning aids for his 9th and 10th-grade biology students, giving them full lessons plus slides that cover the subject matter in depth. This is a great podcast for gaining teacher tips. Watch and download it on or subscribe on iTunes. Craig posts regularly through the week and will often update with several posts in one day.



While not focused exclusively on chemistry, this podcast produced by the Chemical Heritage Foundation covers the science that has changed humanity, while also helping listeners better understand their own existence. Distillations is hosted by science historian and editor in chief of Chemical Heritage magazine Michal Meyer and the Chemical Heritage Foundation’s on-site chemist, Bob Kenworthy. Their subject matter ranges from fun to heart-grabbing, and the program is always an interesting listen. What makes Distillations truly special are the sometimes-contrasting perspectives of the hosts, who meld their historical and scientific expertise with expert guests and contributions from the show’s producers. Distillations is updated once to twice a month on and iTunes.


Earth Sciences
Scientific American’s 60-Second Earth:

Every Sunday, listeners of 60-Second Earth, a segment of Scientific American’s 60-Second Science series, get a crisp little report on the environment, including the science behind preserving it and the future of its conservation, as well as energy issues. A full list of the 60-Second Science series is available at, and fans can subscribe via iTunes.

The Stuff of Genius:

The Stuff of Genius invites viewers to learn about some of the greatest inventions, inventors, inspirations and inspirers from history and today. Host Christian Sager is a head writer at HowStuffWorks, and his vast knowledge and interests help bring to life whimsical tales of engineering and artistic pioneers who often display brilliance sparked by a bit of insanity. The Stuff of Genius podcast is frequently updated (usually every couple of days) and can be found on, YouTube and iTunes.


Physics Central:

The Physics Central podcast PhysicsBuzz, from the American Physical Society, comes out every Wednesday. This podcast brings listeners jut about everything interesting in the world that comes out of the study of physics. Science writers Calla Cofield and Mike Lucibella guide their audience with interviews from top physicists, while illustrating the wonder of how the world works with great explanations through physics. Episodes can be listened to via their site or subscribed to on iTunes.


All in the Mind

Hosted by Lynne Malcolm, All in the Mind is the Australian Broadcasting Corporation Radio National’s weekly program that covers everything to do with psychology, from the brain’s biology to our behaviors as mentally aware beings. All in the Mind airs every Sunday and is available for subscribing, listening and download on their site.



Updated by NASA employees such as engineers and astronauts, the NASACast includes a subscription to all of NASA's related feeds and features both audio and video collections, including This Week @NASA, NASA 360, the  International Space Station and the Universe, among others. Their site offers options to subscribe to individual feeds, and is a dream for science teachers seeking content to engage students during lessons on space flight, travel and the universe.


Technology: This WEEK in TECH:

Another technology podcast that comes out on Sunday, This Week in Tech features excellent roundtable discussions on all the latest in tech. Leo Laporte, founder of the TWiT Netcast Network, appears as the show’s regular host, along with other rotating co-hosts, guests and regulars who offer insight and analysis. Laporte brings the smooth, signature style of his popular radio show, The Tech Guy, twice a week. There are a variety of ways to access and experience This Week in Tech, so check out for their title show and other great content, including The Tech Guy. The entire site is a great resource for any high school #EdTech educator. Crunched for time? Simply find their programming on iTunes.

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