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Five Study Aid Apps for Students

Make sure students are aware of all the innovative and helpful apps that they can download on their smartphones and tablets. There are hundreds of educational apps out there for every subject; from mathematics to languages, students can be prepared for whatever the classroom throws at them. 

When it comes to exam time and studying for tests and quizzes, there may be some students out there that need help studying. Luckily, there are apps out there for that. Here are five study aid apps for students:

  1. Quizlet (Free): With this app, students can create and edit study sets with their account. The user can search up to 35 million flashcard sets, or create their own. The app provides three modes: Flashcards, Learn and Scatter, for those who hope to find what best fits their learning style.
  2. OpenStudy (Free): On OpenStudy, students can connect with classmates and teachers and ask questions on certain subjects. Users can also answer other people's questions on subjects such as mathematics, science, and writing, and gain points titles and increase his or her SmartScore in the process. Users can become part of groups, select and save their favorite subjects, and study away.
  3. StudyBlue (Free): With StudyBlue, users can choose up to 150 million student-authored flashcard decks on a number of subjects. Students can also create their own flashcards where they can write text, upload images, record audio, and include equations. Students can also connect with their classmates on the app, allowing them to share flashcards, have discussions, ask questions, and collaborate. 
  4. meStudying (Free): With meStudying, students can prep and study on their own and on the go. Subjects include Algebra I, U.S. History, Geometry, Biology, AP English Language and Composition, and more. Each topic app comes with self-study mode with questions, quizzes, and feedback. Students can also match up against challengers in Study with Friends Mode. 
  5. Flashcards+ (Free): With Flashcards+, students can create and study flashcards without having to spend time creating them by hand. The app also offers millions of flashcard decks on many different subjects, and also in different languages. 

Article by Kassondra Granata, EducationWorld Contributor