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This 17-year-old turned to social media to encourage classmates to speak at the school board meeting. She also started an online petition at Change.org and placed posters in school hallways.
"Nationally, only 10 percent of grade school kids attend private schools, but in some neighborhoods, it's the majority of children."
"Despite the cracks, Poland's educational system is an example to most other countries, and proof that it's not just money that makes good students," the article said.
Readers were split on the practice of awards that honor "just showing up." Hear what they had to say and share your own opinion on this controversial issue.
A recent study finds that teachers in San Francisco miss more school than the average student.
"Business does have something to teach educators, but it’s neither the saving power of competition nor flashy ideas like disruptive innovation. Instead, what works are time-tested strategies."
Under a new law in New Mexico teachers and district employees were trained to detect and report sexual abuse and assault.
For many kids and teachers in the Midlands, this week is their first week back to school. For others throughout the nation, this week is the beginning of the preparation period.
"I have had to say much the same thing before. I will keep saying it until I don’t have to say it anymore. Mike Brown’s death must serve to remind us that there is no such thing [to quote SLA teacher Pia Martin] as passive anti-racism."
Ruth's Reusable Resources offers teachers a variety of school supplies donated by more than six hundred businesses.
Schools in California are participating in a program called Verizon Innovative Learning Schools where students and teachers are given iPads to use in the classroom and at home to enhance learning experiences.
"We take people who have never picked up a firearm before, and we train them," said Greg Martin, CEO of Shield Solutions. "When we're done with them, they're better than most of our law enforcement."
"You simply cannot take a population of ANY group of people and expect across the board outcomes. It just doesn’t happen unless there is some form of selecting the incoming candidates. Even there you are still going to have a variety of... 08/19/2014 - 10:31am ago
Are you looking forward to the new school year? Tell us why!
Although growing in numbers, cyber schooling still has to overcome a number of challenges before fully impressing K-12 schools.
Chromebooks are topping the education world with sales reaching 5.2 million with a 79% increase over sales for 2013.
"I understand that what we see in the movies is meant to be entertaining and make money. Plus, no one would pay a cent to spend leisure time watching a high school algebra teacher grade exams. But the myths these movies perpetuate are part... 08/21/2014 - 9:08am ago
“This is so cool. Who wouldn’t want to build a guitar? It’s a great hook for students.” -Nikki Grottano
A recent survey shows that teachers spend an average of $513 out-of-pocket money on classroom supplies for back-to-school.
Bill Gates recently sat with Katie Brown, Washington state's Teacher of the Year. There, they talked about issue with education, best practices, and more.