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Latest Education News
The U.S. Department of Education addressed the rights of students with ADHD today.
The arrival of August means summer vacation is almost over, and that also means it’s time to get ready to go back to school.
Be sure to add this to your list of things to look into this summer!
Why positive education may be a product of the "happiness enlightenment."
School climate and teacher effectiveness is a chicken and egg situation that often puzzles policymakers on how to best legislate good schools.
The National PTA released a resolution outlining its support of LGBTQ students.
Should civics education in K-12 get a re-boot to produce more future informed citizens?
Amazon is hoping to be one of your trusted sources for digital content next school year.
What's the price the K-12 education community is actually paying for 'free' digital resources?
What better way to promote summer learning than to engage in STEM activities?
How different school boards are reacting to the Obama Administration's transgender directive.
Check out these activities from participating museums, libraries and organizations across the country that are embracing the National Week of Making.
New research confirms that fewer minority teachers are entering the profession and are more likely to be dissatisfied when they do.
LAUSD will vote on a proposal in August to provide all students with college savings accounts as costs for higher ed increase.
In the latest STEM news, a program is training certified teachers to be experts in STEM, and more!
Show your teachers some end-of-the-year appreciation with these gift ideas.