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Latest Education News
Apple has released a new bundle including software at a special price for educators and students.
The Trump Administration said over the weekend it is confident that DeVos will be confirmed as education secretary this week.
Competition aims to find the next generation of space travelers.
New research indicates teachers spend a lot more time than could be anticipated looking for instructional materials.
A new report makes recommendations for how the teacher preparation process can be improved.
Calls to eliminate the Department of Education have been formally articulated in a new Republican-sponsored bill.
Why ESSA provides some protections against Betsy DeVos' power as secretary of education.
New research takes a look at how racial biases in the school setting affect minority students for life.
Teachers working in high-need areas have a new opportunity to provide supplies for their students.
Betsy DeVos uses first day as attempt to unite education community.
Newsela has released a new set of text sets designed to embrace diversity while unifying students.
How will Betsy DeVos impact STEM education as the nation's secretary of education?
DeVos addresses ESSA implementation in first open letter.
A recent state report paints a dire picture of Minnesota's teacher retention problem.
A new, statewide study finds that disadvantaged students enrolled in Pre-K are more likely to succeed academically later on.
All educators are subject to bias, one veteran educator says.
Why calls to abolish the Department of Education are misguided.