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Scavenger Hunt: "Colors" Worksheet

Colors of the Universe

Identifying colors of the universe can be interesting and fun. This scavenger hunt worksheet links with a website to give students the chance to learn facts about colors and their relationship to physical matter.
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Directions: What do you know about the colors of the universe? Use the information you find at the Web site provided below to answer the questions on this page. Write your answers on the lines next to each question.

Web Resource: Why Is the Sky Blue?


  1. What color are the longest waves of light?


  2. What kind of atmospheric particles make Mars red?


  3. What color is the ocean on a cloudy day?


  4. What colors are in white light?


  5. What kinds of particles are found in Earth's atmosphere?


If you are looking for a bigger challenge, go to Brain Teasers at and answer the questions about light!

Answer Key: Colors of the Universe

  1. Red light has the longest wavelengths.
  2. Rusted iron dust particles in its atmosphere make Mars red.
  3. On a cloudy day, the ocean appears gray.
  4. White light is made up of all the other colors.
  5. Earth's atmosphere contains nitrogen, oxygen, pollution, and water.