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Rockin' Fractions



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--Dance, Music
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Brief Description

Use the rockin' beat of Queen's song "We Will Rock You" to teach students how to convert decimals to fractions.


Students will

  • grasp the idea that fractions and decimals are different ways of representing the same thing.
  • understand decimal place value to the thousandths place (e.g., tenths, hundredths, and thousandths).
  • convert with ease a decimal to its fractional form.
  • use music to aid in the recall of the step in converting a decimal to a fraction: Say it. Write it. Simplify it.


"We Will Rock You," Queen, fractions, decimal, convert, place value

Materials Needed

  • computer access, for sharing videos (preferred)

Lesson Plan

As students enter the classroom, have the song "We Will Rock You" by Queen playing in the background.

If you have computer access with a projector you might have a video version of the song displaying on the screen.
We Will Rock You" video #1
We Will Rock You" video #2

Explain that todays lesson is about converting decimals to fractions. Emphasize how decimals and fractions are really the same thing; they are simply different ways of expressing fractions. Converting a decimal to its fraction form is easy if you keep one simple thought in mind:

If you can say the decimal in its proper mathematical way, converting it will be a piece of cake.

The number of places that follow a decimal point tell us how to say the decimal.